Our happy chickens lay healthy eggs!
Our birds are fed a variety of foods.
From grains to hard boiled eggs to fresh garden vegetables. We like to let our egg layers free range for a better taste and texture to the eggs. The yolks are a nice orange and stand up high when cracked into a bowl.

There are birds here that are kept in pens for breeding purposes but those also are fed as natural a diet as possible. They are kept in tractors that can be moved around every few days for fresh vegetation and bug hunting.
Our grains include, but are not limited to, wheat, barley, oats, flax, sunflower seeds, corn, milo and millet. We add alfalfa on occasion and sometimes fish meal.
There is a wonderful grain mill not far from us that sells layer and starter. Our birds enjoy adding this to their diet and it is kept in hoppers for them. Williams Feed is a great place for dog food so our Jolie, Axel, Mongo and Riley eat it with relish.

Always provided is oyster shell and all have access to grit since they are kept in natural environments. Even chicks are given grass with dirt clods attached in their brooder boxes.

We feed as little of processed manufactured foods as possible but do start our chicks on a high quality chick and game starter. Pellets are offered on occasion because new birds coming onto our farm may not realize the great potential grains have and it takes a while for them to adjust.

We try not to offer corn during the summer, as it is a "hot" food but we like to make a mash about once a week and sometimes add natural dewormers for our flocks such as pumpkin seeds or red pepper flakes that we often grind up from ones we grow in the garden. Chickens do not taste the hot peppers the way we do and benefit from consuming the flakes and killing internal parasites. Our birds really enjoy soaked whole oats with Apple Cider vinegar. This wet mixture added to layer and starter mash has our birds eating their food with relish and making them beautiful and healthy.

In season fruits and veggies are offered and chicks often enjoy these items. Happy chicks grow up to be good producers.
I took this photo of the mixture that I like to feed my birds. It is an example of what I mix but different seasons I mix different grains so this is not an absolute.
I find it fun to watch which grains are picked up by what birds as I scatter this out for them. They all seem to have favorites in the mix. Or some are just greedy and grab up everything they can get.
Pretty is as pretty does.

I also started a new adventure in feeding my chicks and other poultry a wonderful healthy treat. I can share this with you and give you some insight into the amazing world of meal worms. Please go to my Breeds page and click on the Meal Worm link to find out more.
Williams Feed can make your stock winners, too!
     Best Of Breed, Champion Feather Leg and
             Reserve Champion in Show
  Fed exclusively for more than 9 months while hatching and          raising a brood, molting and living in the breeding pen!
  West Knoll Farm is proud to feed this to all their breeding,        growing and show stock!

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