Our happy chickens lay healthy eggs!
Our Cochins are not only beautiful pets but also lay eggs for us. We eat some eggs or sell any to someone wanting to raise some pretty pets for themselves. They make exceptional broody hens and good mama hens. I love that big ball of fluff!
The End
BC was my breeding roo for a few years but now I have a new roo to try with the ladies. I like breeding different colors together to produce some amazing chicks.
BC has been sold and has a wonderful new home.
One of BC's daughters from one of his many hens.
Bo! This very handsome man will be the daddy of my standard Cochin chicks in 2011, 2012 and we are setting eggs in 2013.
As of spring 2011, Bo is my only standard roo and I have hatched a few chicks from him and his buff hen I am keeping with him. I will update this page with their beautiful chicks in May.
These 2 ladies are no longer here. They have gone on to pet homes where other families can love them.
He is going through a molt in these photos so please check back soon for more updated fluffy photos.

I sold BC and his ladies in fall of 2010.
I miss these 2 lovely ladies but they are in a very good, loving home now.
Bo's kids in 2011...........
Poor Bo-Bo is molting but it won't take long for him to be in his fine glory again! Hatching is underway in 2013 for more of his beautiful kids.
Bo is currently with this pretty lady.

Bo daughter being bred back to her dad in 2013.
We no longer own any LF Cochins!