Our happy chickens lay healthy eggs!
I hatched Buff Boy from shipped eggs and have had him several years. He is a true love and easy to handle, making him a wonderful choice for my projects. He waited almost 2 years before having any hens of his own but has been fabulous with them and his chicks. Buff Boy is 7 years old in the year 2012.

Most of Buff Boy's and Lucy's kids look like this.

But I do have other girls in with Buff Boy so I also get some in other colors.

Below is Elvis. She came from a friend and is funny as can be! She knows her name and  has proven to be a good broody and mom. 
Mother, left and son, right from Buff Boy above. Hatched and raised in the pen with parents.

Here is a Sizzle with no curl to the feathers. Some people refer to them as Silchins as they are a cross of curly feathered Cochin and Silkie. Another is pictured below.

Lucy, left, hiding in foliage. She was Buff Boy's favorite and was usually bald. However, they  produced pretty offspring like the 3 mth old roo below.

Dig that hair do!
When breeding Sizzles, you have to cross a smooth feathered with a curly feathered to keep from hatching featherless birds. Below is a nice Sizzle pair ready to raise a family.
Mudd is in breeding with Buff Boy. We hope to have some gorgeous babies from this pair.
Buff Boy is always on the look out for more lovely Sizzle girls.
You can see Tawny as a young man in photos above. Here he has matured and now has a flock of his own.
I have some lovely chicks hatching from this pen. Check back often to see how they are maturing.
I sold this handsome fella to a Sizzle breeder who will put him to great use!

Buff Boy's offspring Nov. 2011
Tawny was a handsome young man!
He has been sold and I do miss him.
I sold Tawny in Sept of 2012 to make way for more fabulous Sizzles growing up. He will be very happy in his new home!

I have been wanting to work with Lavender and/or Porcelain in Sizzles. My first attempt did not pan out well, though I got some real cuties from it.
Two of the many that I plan to add in 2013.
Hamilton and Mudd are both molting in this photo and do not show themselves as nicely as they really are in person. I will get better photos of them and their offspring soon.  As of Oct '12 I am replacing Mudd with Lint and possibly a buff gal to see what other colors Hamilton can give me with my adorable Sizzles.
Hamilton is an exceptional Silkie roo that I am proud to own. Thank you, Sandy from Bat Cave Silkies! Hamilton is a true gentleman!
I loved my Sizzles but with all my intense breeding on my bantam Cochin I have had to give up breeding my adorable Sizzles.
This page is left up for reference on what I used to breed but I no longer own any Sizzles.