Our happy chickens have fun at shows!

This page will have a few photos of some shows we go to and friends we meet, beautiful birds we see and some info so others may can enjoy going to them, as well.
Number 80 only placed second in both shows but she beat another bird each time so we were happy.
All dressed up and the show was cancelled. Bummer! But we will try it again soon.
Motty girl does well when I show her but not as well as her mom did for me. However, I prefer to leave her mom at home to lay eggs and not be disturbed with showing any more.
Below is a PDF of a chart that I made so people can better understand how a show progresses through the classes to get to awarding a Best In Show winner. I do not mind anyone printing it out and using it but please leave my copyrighted name on it.
A Mille Fleur Frizzle pullet I took to a show.
This is the show building for our local Anderson All Breed Bantam Club show at the Clemson University.
Show site for the Sandlappers Poultry Club in Barnwell SC.
A buff bantam Cochin rooster and a Mottled hen I took to the show in Barnwell SC.
Sandlappers Poultry Breeders Assc. had thier spring show in March 2014. Always a treat!
This Mottled bantam Cochin hen of mine took Best Variety and below, my Miss Motty took Reserve Variety.
Kimberly Ivey, my best Peep and without whom I would not attend these shows, writing down class placements.
Kimberly and Nicole Redmon, who keeps me laughing at the shows.
And Anthony Ashley telling some outrageous story to Shorty Polston here.
Nicole clerking for one of the judges. She is so helpful at shows!
Pee Dee Poultry show in Lake City SC on April 5, '14.
And did we ever have some fun!! This was their first show but the location was beautiful, the people were fantastic and the vendors, food, crafts and raffles were amazing!
Motty got her wonderful win at this show. Going on 4 years old and looking terrific, she placed Best Variety with my cockerel taking Reserve Variety and my other hen not placing at all after beating her 3 weeks before.
Then Motty went on to take Best of Breed, Champion Feather Leg and Reserve Champion Bantam in Show.
Tundra hates to show, even though she is a lovely lady. I have her sister that I plan to bring out instead. Meanwhile, Tundra has placed Best of Breed at both shows she has been exhibited in.
Smiling faces, beautiful places!