Our happy peahens lay healthy eggs!
Hershey and Godiva!
Velocity and Tempo
Another handsome young man. This is an India Blue split to Bronze peacock (Hershey X Roche). I have sold this handsome young man but he is in an exciting new home with a new lady friend.
The End
The one on the left is a silver pied from Zazous and Dilly, the one in the middle, also from Zazous and Dilly, is a white and the one on the right is a Bronze from Hershey and Godiva.
Zazous and Dilly
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India Blue peahen. Late 2013 and early 2014 she is with Jack, the Purple peacock.
Still in breeding with Jack for 2016.
Opal Peafowl. These were the first ones I had but I did not care for them back then. The color has grown on me and I now have some new ones!

I hope you will visit all my peafowl pages and enjoy their beauty as much as I do!
My whites have been sold but my page is still up for viewing.
Whites will be hatching from silver pied breeding but only on occasion.
New for 2015!!!
Still exclusive in 2017
Lost Godiva in an accident but Hershey in a new breeding project for 2015
Two new Opal hens are residing at West Knoll Farm in 2015.
                Opal breeding pen spring 2017!!! Yes!
The IB white eye black shoulder is no longer here for 2015 breeding season. I only have a IB peacock and photos will follow.

I was so fortunate to have a friend help me get started into peafowl. I would have never thought I could own these magnificent birds but in Sept 2012 I was able to become the proud owner of quite a few and have not looked back!
Tempo is no longer with us but Velocity has many other hens.