Our happy chickens lay healthy eggs!

My Marans are one of my most favorite chickens. They have great dark eggs and lovely tasting meat. However, once the market became saturated by substandard birds I decided to stop selling my gorgeous birds and go onto another area of colored eggs I so enjoy along with the birds, the Olive Eggers. I have some beautiful Ameraucanas but again, the market is flooded with them. The Olive Eggers lay all sorts of wonderful colored eggs and I can use 2 groups of awesome birds I already have to make some lovely laying hens and still put meat in our freezer with extra roosters.
Olive Eggers
I have one pen with a blue copper Marans rooster. He has the perfect amount of copper on him, it doesn't cover him up like a blue wheaten. He is a nice big boy named Jonah.
His girls are Ameraucanas with F1 and F2 Olive Egger hens in the flock. There are currently 9 hens in here.
The white Ameraucana hen lays a lovely blue egg while the splash hen is an F1 Olive Egger that lays an almost black egg at the start of the season and it fades to a gray green color late in the season.
A beautiful splash Ameraucana hen out of the handsome Trojan. She is in with Joseph for more Olive Eggers. Her egg is an intense deep blue color.
Some of my F2 girls do not have a beard or muffs but still lay a gorgeous egg.
Trojan is a nice Ameraucana rooster, very nice temperament and his daughters all lay super blue eggs. I also love that his wheaten color has not spread everywhere on his body, a trait I despise. Here he is with some of his Marans hens. They are selected for their nice dark egg color as well as other needed characteristics.
The almost black egg on the left comes from one of my beautiful splash Olive Egger hens. I am excited to see what color her daughters lay in 2014.
Jonah was a great producer and nice big beautiful boy but he has been sold.
The only reason I sold Jonah was because I had so many of his offspring and I happened to have another rooster waiting in the wings to replace him.
I no longer breed this pen. Trojan has been sold along with a mate. He is enjoying his new home in NC.
All 3 of these in my hand came out of the Olive Egger breeding pen. The slate gray is producing more like black egg producers, while my teal gives a darker green or olive tint like the top egg when bred with my Marans rooster.
This hen produced this olive egg. She will go back in breeding in 2016 to give me another generation.