Our happy ducks lay healthy eggs!

Muscovy are truly an unusual creature. They are not ducks like you know other ducks to be, like the Mallard kind. Muscovy do not quack but rather use hisses and whistles or a chortling sound to talk. They also do not lay as many eggs as other ducks but rather lay a clutch and then brood them out. They make excellent mothers and it takes their eggs another week to hatch, rather than the 28 days of regular ducks. All these interesting facts can be learned anywhere on the Internet but the most fascinating thing I like about Muscovy is their slow meandering. And of course, the uncanny ability to catch a tremendous amount of flies and bugs!
Lavender Muscovy!
The pair above produced this fine lady below, Cheeky!
They make the most gorgeous babies!
Cheeky grew up with a mixture of other breeds of ducks. When she thought she might start flying I clipped one wing so she would stay put in the grow up pen.
This nice black drake is split to lavender. He is son of Lance from a beautiful black hen that was killed in a hailstorm before he hatched out. This nice boy will be bred back to Lila and Cheeky in 2013.
For the 2013 breeding season Lance is paired with a black pied hen to make more splits and bring in more blood diversity.
Please come back and visit to see what we have hatched out. As always, hatching eggs available when the girls are laying.

Summer 2013 I sold all my Muscovy except my Lavender project. Lavenders will be the only Muscovy I raise from now on.
The pair I started out with in 2012.

The first 2 beautiful Lavenders from Cheeky and Drakkor! In 2013 they gave me some really nice offspring, mostly Lavenders.
Parents and offspring, Sept 2012.
Here is the last hatch from Drakkor and Cheeky for the 2013 breeding season. Hatched and raised by Silkies.
This couple, before I sold the hen, gave me about 20 Lavender splits and I kept 6 of the girls for next years' pen.
Silkies make good moms. I let them hatch and raise a lot of my birds.