Our happy chickens lay healthy eggs!

I started with a trio of MF/buff Columbian cross and six of their chicks. I also purchased a trio of Mottled Cochins and am pleased I can use them together to help out the project.
A word of caution to anyone wanting a certain color or patterned chick, they will probably mature out with different colors and patterns in the first few generations. This is an on going project and it will take time for me to get it to breed true.
Mille Fleur Cochins
This is the roo and hens when I first got them. They sure have matured a lot since then.
This is the foundation roo I purchased back in '09. Fred has since passed away.
Three wks old at left.
Five wks old.
They are growing up! Nine wks old above and below.
Five month old pullet from the first chicks that came with my trio.
Chicks hatched Nov. 09! They are from the MFC trio and are shown below growing up.
To improve color and type I bred my Mottleds to my Mille Fleurs.
Keeper, from the November 09 hatch.
I bred Keeper to my really nice typy Mottled hens. The chicks turned out very well and I am using them Oct. 10.
Schmoozle is out of my lovely Cleopatra, a Mottled hen and Keeper.
I get a lot of chicks growing up like this but once they are about 7 months old they have lost most of this color and pattern and look very different.
Xavier, 6 mths old.
Xavier, 1 yr old,  is in with Speckles and a few other girls for another selection of his offspring.
Speckles!  Schmoozle's sister.
Xavier kid below. The mother was a Mille Fleur Cochin.
Two girls from my Mottled/MF crosses. I sold these two but kept a few and have used them in several projects, not just my on going MF project. You may see them on some other pages.
Wing pattern at one week old.
Bantyman is a new roo from outside bloodlines.  His first chicks are hatching in Oct. '10 from hens that are MF/Mottled crosses with too much black.
Xavier kids from MF hens, Oct. '10..........
I realize that type is something I need to work on.

The kids do well in winter weather. I hatch all year around so they experience a lot when they are young.
Growing up in Jan. 2011 ............
They are growing and changing all the time. It is amazing to watch them mature and come into full bloom.
And here are some updates from the summer of 2011. We continue to work on type. Our goal is to continue to breed a well conformationed bird, allowing that time and breeding will bring the color and pattern along with a good breeding program.
Tristan is my new roo for 2011. He is a cross of my own breeding.
Whoops! Right color, wrong breed!
One of Tristan's babies from a Mille Fleur Cochin hen.
I hatch birds like this from my project and cull these. Decent type but won't offer any pattern to my project. Great for backyard breeders that want pretty birds though.
Thank you for looking!
Another roo that has color and starting to get pattern but hasn't the type needed for me to continue. He will be sold to someone that may like this in their back yard.
Summer 2011 results.
Schmoozle developed more red after 18 months old.
Late summer 2011 Speckles was in with Fred to see what grandfather to grand daughter would give me. I have been pleased with the results in typy kids.

I am happy with the progress I have made in 2 years. It is has been a fascinating journey. Thanks to all my friends for their support and help.
This is a very nice rooster from my breeding program. I would have kept him and used him, though I have his father. Someone else needed him so I sold him. He shows how nicely my program is coming along. He is grandson of my foundation roo, Fred.

To see more recent photos scroll all the way down the page. Most photos are in chronological order.
There is another link to more recent photos at the bottom of the page. My progress has given me many birds.
As with some of my other breeding pens I include my Mille Fleur split to Mottled hens to bring in type and help the pattern.
Here is a nice MF/Mottled hen that I sold with a rooster that complimented her well. Photos on BYC show the chicks turning out beautiful and I can't wait to see how their type holds together. The chicks are maturing with MF colors and some pattern.
Slowly but surely I will get the pattern and color to come together with type. Here is one hen giving me eggs summer 2012 bred to Xavier. Can't wait to see their kids grow up.
Xavier is going on 3 years old but still is in my breeding program bringing type, color and temperament to his offspring.
This is a handsome young man I sold recently. He gave me many lovely yellow and black chicks from his lovely ladies. He is on to help another breeder enjoy some beautiful babies! Thank you, Dude!
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A sport that emerged from the breeding pen.
KK was another rooster I used for a short while. His offspring was okay but not great.