Our happy chickens lay healthy eggs!
I love the Marans breed for many reasons but the gold color is one of my favorites in chickens and I added this variety to my breeding plans. I am still working on egg color with this variety but otherwise they are everything I enjoy in Marans. The meat, temperament and size plus beauty makes this a pleasure for my breeding pen.
Golden Cuckoo Marans
Cuckoo egg next to a Welsummer egg
From this above to this below.

Spun in gold.
A 9 week old pullet growing up. She looks to be very stocky and I am tickled with the outcome of body shape and thickness.
Here is a brother and sister from Goldy Hawn and Sasquatch.

Sasquatch has been sold.
This excellent roo has been sold and is now living in another part of the country. May he produce tons of fabulous kids in the future!
Some I have hatched and raised in the past.

Goldie Hawn adds a lot to my breeding program. She is several years old now but still lays very well and is an awesome producer of beautiful offspring. I promised the person I got her from that I would never sell her and she would live out her life here.
No longer breeding this variety!