For Sale page


      Please email me for info on any birds here and let me know if there is         something on the other pages that interests you. I may not have    everything listed here that is available for sale.

First come first serve on purchasing chickens. Cash or Paypal only.
                   No checks or credit cards accepted.
Chickens, new and used.
Answers $5
Correct answers $10
Answers requiring thought $15
Dumb looks are still free.

Please do not contact me for just hens. I sell in pairs or trios!
Feathers from all my peafowl are for sale as availability allows. There are eye feathers, sword feathers, butterfly feathers and others. Please contact for price and available colors. Shipping is usually only around $6- $8, depending on size of box.
I often have extra Olive Egger roosters available in various coloring. These most often go in our freezer so contact me for availability.
I do not ship chicks, keets, waterfowl or peafowl.
Please be aware that I have had to change my email because Homestead changed their server and it is less than adequate. I can now be reached at westknollfarm@gmail.com
Turkey poults occasionally available in the Royal Palm, Bronze and Penciled.
Black Muscovy ducklings, split to lavender, available.