Our happy ducks lay healthy eggs!
                                Duck eggs are excellent for baking or scrambled.
                                        Our ducks free range every afternoon.

Our chickens and ducks free range well together.
No worries, Jolie won't let anything happen. She doesn't even allow the hens to fuss!
Crap! Do horses eat duck?!

Hey! Horses draw bugs! Great!
This girl has already fallen in love. She follows him everywhere bobbing her head, agreeing with his every peep!

I have some blue Runner girls and quite a few fawn/white Runners girls, including Cimido. In Oct. 2010 I purchased a lovely black Runner drake to cross with these ladies and will be on the hunt for a handsome blue Runner drake to use, as well. Some of my ladies are not quality enough to breed but others are very pretty and I know the new drake will add to the conformation.
Runners were the first breed I owned back in the '80's and I still love the breed to this day.
For best tasting eggs and healthy ducks we let our flock free range on the farm after about 10 a.m. Most ducks lay their eggs during the night or very early morning but on occasion I find a duck egg dropped in an odd spot around the farm.
Cimido (See my (hair-)do) likes to show off her pretty crest. I will probably cross her with a black Runner drake to see what pretty babies I may get.
  as a baby.
George! Don't lose your head. Spring will come again soon.
It takes about 5 minutes for them to make any area totally dirty.
Langshans is quite puzzled by these odd chickens. He is keeping an eye on them!
The End
A duck egg with 2 chicken eggs.
Here is my little boy growing up. As of June 2011 he has turned into a goregous fella. Soon he will have his ladies to wander the farm with.
Below is photo of Mr. Handsome and Blue Girl's first baby! Introducing Blue Bonnet!! Hatched May 2011.
I took these wonderful shipping crates and turned them into coops! Check out my "Housing" page to see much more!
I was given Runner duck eggs to hatch from some one that went back to Scotland. I will miss Nikky being a Runner duck lover living close to share such beautiful animals with. These 4 are true beauties and I treasure them.
The Muscovy love their grassy pen and choose to hang out a good bit in there near food bowls and thier coop.
                                            New for January 2012!
                                     Lavender Muscovy!
I was so thrilled to be able to add this gorgeous pair of Muscovy to my breeding plans. They are lovely birds! Very easy to handle and in such good feather! It took a long time for me to get it all arranged and worked out but they are here and I am so happy with them.
Let's hatch some duck eggs!
It is hard to beat the beauty of a Cayuga. In person they are even more astounding. A camera can not catch all the color and sheen when a Cayuga moves in the sunlight.

Cimido is a crested Runner. This is her and her siblings, so to speak, as a baby.
Lance and Lila gave me a few lovely offspring. I kept one little girl that I named Cheeky. Spring of 2013 her and her mother. Lila will be bred to a black drake split to lavender.
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We no longer own or breed Cayugas.
Please enjoy the page of photos though.
We have owned and bred Pekins for several years. Good meat and egg duck! Not to mention personality!
In 2014 we cut back to only owning Runners, Pekins and Lavender Muscovy. In 2015 we are continuing on that path.
Looking forward into 2016, we will also continue to breed only these 3 types of ducks. Meat, eggs and foraging are all qualities we enjoy with these breeds.