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Cayuga Ducks
Cayugas are known for their dark gray eggs early in the laying season. I have been lucky enough to have one girl that lays dark all season long and have kept some daughters from her. They have very good temperaments, are not big grain eaters, are great foragers and are such a fantastic beauty in person you can't help but love them!
One of my lovely girls that I hatched and raised this year. In the sun the colors are iridescent. They flash from blue to green and the wing band can be quite bright in the right light.
This is Kyle, my handsome drake, with 2 of his lovely new girls.
This is Kyle with 2 hatchery Cayuga girls. One has a crest and produced a nice crested boy from summer 2012 breeding. The other lady molted out with a lot of white but stays in my flock because of her dark eggs she lays constantly. I have several of her daughters and hope with Kyle's good bloodlines that they will not molt out white and will lay consistent gray eggs all season.
Kyle, as a young man, strutting his stuff for the saxony girls.
Since they are black I try to keep frozen 2 liter soda bottles to toss into their pools during the hot part of a summer day. They quickly look for shade as the sun rises to it's zenith.
You can see how the hatchery Cayuga looks compared to the well bred ladies. I sold this hen below as she did not offer my breeding program anything useful.
This is a 3 month old drake. He did not have the qualities I needed to keep so he was sold as a pet. He did, however, show me that Kyle bred to hatchery girls could produce better ducks and that is why I decided to keep my crested girl and my dark laying girl.
Some examples of the eggs my Cayugas lay. There is a brown chicken egg for comparison and a big Pekin duck egg, too. You can see the 3 shades of gray produced by Cayugas.
The Cayuga egg is left back, while another duck egg is in front of it and 2 Welsummer chicken eggs beside them.

This is a drake hatched from Kyle and my crested hen. He was quite a nice attraction but since I have his mother I decided to let this fine fella go. I hope to hatch more in 2013!
We no longer own any Cayugas.