Our happy chickens lay healthy eggs!
I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has contacted me regarding my Marans. We believe them to be a special bird and sell out of chicks way too often. I do have a waiting list most of the time so bear with me as I try to fill everyone's orders. I do have to keep a few for myself or there won't be others to sell in the future. I will continue to breed this chicken for temperament, egg color and meat qualities. Please do not ask for show birds as I do not breed for APA or anyone else's approval.
Some grow up free ranging but at laying time they go into breeding tractors.
With Terry having a very special pullet he finally agreed that a LGD would be a good idea. He did not want to lose this lovely lady or any like her again.
May '10 hatch. Terry loves her lacing.
Chick from Oct. 2010 hatch.
Some of the first eggs I hatched. I can be more particular now and hatch only from very dark eggs.
A splash from my pen of the black and blue coppers. I will still get some of these from my blue copper pen but so far have not kept any. They are not my favorite color. I am thinking that if I get another nice splash rooster I will keep him to cross directly to my black coppers.
Some of my '09 starter birds.
Big Blue was just a kid here. He has grown into a nice large fella that is well tempered and spoiled. I have to lift him onto his roost every night. He waits at the tractor door and will pace until I come pick him up.
Some of our '09 babies.
Sometimes we get birds without any copper on them. Though still exceptional Marans, I do not mind at all the lack of copper color. I breed for temperament, egg color and meat. Terry prefers a bit of copper on the hackle feathers.
The feather color on this variety can be outstanding! The eggs have been ideal from these girls, as well. Terry loves this breed and color variety best and I work to continue to create the best. Temperament is wonderful. These are one of the best dual purpose birds but it is hard to put such beauty in the freezer. Only knowing how great they taste makes it worthwhile.

Year after year these girls continue to lay and look gorgeous. This breed has been great for eggs and meat. I will hatch from them every year and enjoy the bounty they provide. This lady is one of our first that we hatched out. Years later, she is still looking good and laying eggs!

Blue Copper Marans
Not in breeding for sale! These are for my own personal use.